Su-25 Frogfoot Pic GalleryThe Su25 Frogfoot is the sole close support aircraft in Russian service with the Su24 Fencer filling the strike/interdiction role. Following the withdrawl of the Mig-27 Flogger and the Su17/22 Fitter from service the Su25 had to completely take over the close support position. First flown in 1975 the Su25 has the hard task of batteling through to the forward battle area where it has to deliver ordenance with precision and good timing.
Survivability was one of the main design criteria. The pilot is encased in an all welded titanium 'bathtub' almost 2.5cm thick. The widely seperated engines are armoured by stainless steel bays. Instead of using cabels to control the surfaces pushrods were used. The fuels tanks are filled with a foam to prevent explosion and they are also armoured from underneath. The Su25 carries a total of 256 flares, enough for up to 8 attack runs.
There are ten underwing hardpoints which can accept a wide range of ordinance, including 2 R-60 self defence AAMs. The engines in the Su25 have the amazing capability to run on amlost any fuel found in the combat area including aviation gas, petrol and diesel oil. The Su25 is smaller and faster then it's American counterpart the A-10, this is another advantage for surviability over the battelfield. There are a number of variants of the Su25 including:

Su25 (Frogfoot A) This is the basic single seat version of the Su25.

Su25UB (Frogfoot B) This is a tandum two seater operational conversion and weapons trainer. The rear seat is raised for a better view. To compensate for this the tail fin was also enlargened. The Gun and weapons pylons were retained.

Su25UT (Frogfoot B) This is the same as the Su25UB but the weaponry has been removed. Only a few were ever built as they are only useful for training.

Su25UTG (Frogfoot B) This is the same as the Su25UT but an arrestor hook has been added for deck landings. Prior to the completion of the Adm Kuznetsov practice was done at a specially modified runway at Saki Naval Airfield. The runway was changed to the dimensions of the carrier deck. Ten of these were built and are now deployed with the carrier.

Su25BM The Su25BM is a standard Su25 but has additional underwing pylons for the attachment of rocket powered drones. These are fired for missile training by fighter pilots.

Nation of Orgin: Russia
Type: Light attack / Ground support
Craw: 1 (2 in trainer)
Length: 50 ft 11 in
Height: 15 ft 9 in
Wing Span: 47 ft 1.5 in
Empty weight: 20 950 lb
Maximum take-off weight: 38 800 lb
Engien: R-195
Max speed: 0.8
Ceiling: 22 965 ft
Range: 776 miles
Armament:One 30 mm cannon, AA-2D, AA-8, 9 700 lb of air to surface weapons including ASMs, unguided rockets, guided bombs, conventional (dumb) bombs, gun pods, cluster bombs