Su-17/22 Fitter Pic GalleryThe Su-17 was a significant step in the development of the Su-7 to a more useful attack aircraft. The most important change was the introduction of swivelling outer wing panels. Although only the outer half of the wing span moved, and weight increased, the modification considerably improved take-off and landing performance, and allowed a larger weapons load to be carried. The Su-17M introduced the smaller, lighter and more powerful AL-21F engine. The Su-17M3 and M4 versions had an enlarged dorsal spine aft of the cockpit, originally designed for the second seat of the trainer version, but now filled with fuel. The Su-20 and Su-22 were export versions of the Su-17M2. The Su-22 had the Tumansky R-29B-300 engine instead of the Lyulka AL-21F. The larger diameter of the engine required changes to the aft fuselage. It resulted in a degraded performance, but in 1976 production for export began. Later models had the avionics fit of the Su-17M3 or M4.

Type: Su-17 'Fitter-C'
Nation of Orgin: Soviet
Function: attack
Crew: 1
Length: 17.75 m
Height: 4.75 m
Wing Span: 9.90m - 13.70m
Wing Area: N/A
Empty Weight: N/A
Max.Weight: 19000 kg
Engines: one Lyulka AL-21F-3
Max speed: 2304 km/h
Ceiling: 18000 m
Range: 2500 km
Armament: two 30mm guns with 80 rounds each, 4000 kg ordinance on six hardpoints