F-104 Starfighter Pic GalleryThe sleek, long fuselage of the F-104 was built around a big engine, and had extremely small, thin, unswept wings with marked anhedral. The F-104 interceptor had exceptional performance but rather limited ability to carry equipment and armament. Its all-round fighter-bomber F-104G variant enjoyed great export sales (and a poor reputation for safety), but the early F-104's were quickly abandoned by the USAF. The NF-104 was an F-104 fitted with an additional rocket engine under the tailfin, pointing slightly upwards. It was used for astronaut training; one set a record altitude of 36273m. There was also a TF-104 trainer and a RF-104 reconaissance version.

Type: F-104A
Function: fighter
Year: 1958
Engines: one Pratt & Whitney J79-GE-3B at 65.78kN
Wing Area: 18.21m2
Empty Weight: 6071 kg
Max.Weight: 11721 kg
Armament: one 20mm gun; AAMs such as Sidewiner

Type: F-104G
Function: fighter
Year: 1960
Engines: one General Electric J79-GE-11A at 7170kg
Wing Area: 18.22m2
Empty Weight: 6348kg
Max.Weight: 13170kg
Armament: one 20mm gun; AAMs such as Sidewiner