A-4 Skyhawk Pic GalleryThe A-4 was originally designed to provide the US Navy and USMC with a simple, low-cost, light-weight attack and ground support aircraft. The design of the A-4 was heavily influenced by the experience gained during the Korean War. The initial requirements for the A-4 called for US Navy operation. Given this requirement, special design considerations were given to provide low-speed stability and control during take-offs and landings. The A-4 was also dimensionally configured to negotiate the standard US Navy aircraft carrier lifts without the added complexity and weight of folding wings. The A-4 was nicknamed "Heinemann's Hotrod" in honor of its designer, Ed Heinemann.

Initial production of the "Skyhawk" took place in September of 1953. The prototype XA-4A (originally designated XA4D-1) was powered by a Wright J65-W-2 turbojet rated at 7,200 lb. thrust. The first flight of the XA-4A took place on 22 June 1954.

The A-4A Skyhawk was the initial production version of the aircraft. The A-4A was fitted with a Wright J65-W-4 turbojet rated at 7,700 lb. thrust. The first flight of an A-4A Skyhawk took place on 14 August 1954. The A-4A Skyhawk entered service with the US Atlantic and Pacific Fleets on 26 October 1956. The production run for the A-4A was 166 aircraft. Uprated engines, rated at 8,500 lb. thrust, were progressively fitted to all the aircraft.

Spesifications - A-4M Skyhawk
Nation of Orgin: USA
Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft
Type: Attack Bomber (Light)
Crew: Pilot
First Flew: 04/10/1970
Wing Span: 26' 6" / 8.08 m
Overall Length: 40' 3" / 12.27 m
Overall Height: 15' / 4.57 m
Wing Area: 260.00 Sq Ft / 24.15 Sq m
Empty Weight: 10465.0 lbs / 4746.00 Kg
Gross Weight: 24499.0 lbs / 11111.0 Kg
Maximum Weight: 24500.0lbs / 11111.0 Kg
Powerplants: (1) Pratt & Whitney J52-P-408A turbojet rated at 11,200 lbs. thrust.
Max Speed: 670.00 Mph / 1078.00 km /h / 582.70 Kt
Armament: (2) 20-mm Mark 12 Cannon with 200 rounds each