A-7 Corsair II Pic GalleryThe A-7D is a single-seat, tactical close air support aircraft. Although designed primarily as a ground attack aircraft, it also has limited air-to-air combat capability. It was derived from the basic A-7 originally developed by LTV for the U.S. Navy. The first A-7D made its initial flight on April 5, 1968, and deliveries of production models began on Dec. 23, 1968. When A-7D production ended in 1976, 459 had been delivered to the USAF. In 1973, the USAF began assigning A-7Ds to the Air National Guard (ANG), and by 1987 they were being flown by ANG units in ten states and Puerto Rico. The A-7D demonstrated its outstanding capability to attack ground targets while flown by the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, during the closing months of the war in Southeast Asia. The Corsair II achieved its excellent accuracy with the aid of an automatic electronic navigation and weapon delivery system.

Manufacturer: LTV Vought
Maximum speed: 663 mph.
Cruising speed: 545 mph.
Range: 3,044 miles
Service Ceiling: 33,500 ft.
Span: 38 ft. 8 in.
Length: 46 ft. 1 in.
Height: 16 ft. 1 in.
Wing area: 375 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 19,490 lbs
Max Weight 42,000 lbs
Armament: One M61A1 20mm rapid-fire cannon plus 15,000 lbs. of mixed ordnance
Engine: One Allison TF41 turbofan engine of 14,250 lbs.
Thrust: 15000 lbs
Range: 2280
Max Speed 602: kts
Crew: One
Cost: $2,860,000