The Tu-114, a civil development of the Tu-95 'Bear' with a more capacious fuselage, was the basis for the first Soviet AWACS aircraft, the 'Moss'. A large rotating radar dish is carried on a pylon on top of the fuselage. Its (lack of) capability has been the subject of many contradictory assesments. About a dozen have been used by the AV-MF. Eight built between 1965 and 1967. Carries two complete 12-man crews.Tu-126 Moss Pic Gallery

Nation of orgin: Soviet (Russia)
Contractor: Tupolev
Primary Function: AWACS
Crew: 15
Length: 51.4m
Height: 15.5m
Wing Span: 51.4m
Wing Area: 311.1 sqrm
Empty Weight: N/A
Max.Weight: 155172kg
Engines: 4 Kuznetsov NK-12MV; 14795hp each
Speed: 805km/h
Ceiling: 12200m
Range: 9650km
Year Deployed: 1968
Armament: none