MiG-25 Forxbat Pic GalleryThe Mig-25, codenamed Foxbat by NATO, is a twin-engine, high altitude supersonic fast-track fighter and interceptor capable of executing flight speeds in excess of 3000km/hr. The Foxbat is a highly maneuverable combat aircraft, and is able to make vigorous (with g-loads up to almost 5) aerobatic maneuvers at speeds of 2500-3000 km/hour. The basic aerodynamics of this airplane include narrow and moderate wings with small relative thickness, flat lateral air intakes, a broad lifting fuselage, and a twin-tailscheme of vertical stabilizers. This configuration has proven the MiG-25 to be an extremely stable airplane, highly efficient at maintaining cross-transversal flight control at high supersonic speeds. The MiG-25 holds more than 25 world records for speed, altitude and time-to-climb. Quite simply, the MiG-25 has remained unsurpassed in its class of high-altitude supersonic interceptors. It was developed to counter the Lockheed A-12, the forerunner of the SR-71 Blackbird. and not, as was originally thought, the Mach 3-capable B-70 Valkyrie bomber.
First flown in 1964, it stretched the contemporary Soviet state of the art to its absolute limits. Its flight control system was tied by data link to ground control, which steered it to a collision-course interception. This left the pilot as a systems manager, responsible for takeoff and landing, throttle control and missile selection and launch. In emergencies, the Foxbat could be accelerated to Mach 3.2 but as this wrecked the engines, it was red-lined at Mach 2.83 for normal usage.

Prime contractor: Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau
Nation of origin: Soviet Union
Function: Medium-range interceptor
Crew: 1
Year: 1964
In-service year: 1968
Powerplant: Two Tumanski R-15BD-300 afterburning turbojets, 24,700 lb thrust each
Wing span: 14.02 m / 46 ft
Length: 23.82 m / 78 ft 2 in
Height: 6.1 m / 20 ft
Weight: 44,092 lb empty / 79,807 lb max. take off
Ceiling: 80,050 ft
Crusing speed: 3,000 km/h / 1,865 mph
Max speed: / 2,115 mph
Range: 1,730 km / 1,075 miles
Armament: Two R-23, two R-40, four R-60, or four R-73A AAMs
Typically arment: two R-40 missiles and four R-60 missiles
Sensors: Foxfire radar
Used by: Russia, Algeria, Libya, Syria