Tu-28/128 Fiddler Pic GalleryThe Tu-28 is a development of the Tu-98 bomber. It is probably the largest fighter ever built, and armed with outsized missiles. About 200 were built, to patrol to vast areas of Siberia, which are not protected by a SAM screen. It was retired in 1990.



Nation of orgin: Soviet (Russia)
Contractor: Tupolev
Primary Function: Fighter
Crew: 2
Span: 17.50m
Length: 30.00m
Height: N/A
Wing Area: N/A
Empty Weight: N/A
Max. Weight: 43000kg
Engines: 2 Lyulka AL-7F-4; 11000kg
Speed: 1900km/h
Ceiling: 18300m
Range: 3200km
Year deployed: 1966
Armament: N/A