Su-30 Pic GalleryBased on the Su-27UB 'Flanker-C' two-seat trainer, the Su-30 type is the tandem two-seat interceptor variant. The Su-30M version is the multi-role version, and the MK variant currently in production as an advanced tactical fighter and interceptor for export.
Future development by Sukhoi will be the production of canard-equipped thrust vectoring Su-30MKs for probable operational service in 1999. The Su-30MK will also be equipped with the new Phazotron Zhuk-27 radar to allow the use of all current Russian air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons.
Russia is actively pushing the new Su-30MK model for export, especially in East Asia. Current export orders stand at 40 for India starting in 1997.

Nation of origin: Russia
Prime contractor: Sukhoi
Function: Multi-role fighter
Crew: 2
Length: 21.94 m / 72 ft
Height: 6.84 m / 22 ft 5 in
Wing span: 14.7 m / 48 ft 3 in
Max T-o Weight: 66,138 lb
Engine: Two Lyulka AL-31F afterburning turbofans, rated 27,557 lb thrust each
Max Speed: 2,500 km/h / 1,553 mph
Range: 3680 km
Ceiling: 59,055 ft
Armament: One GSh-30-1 30mm cannon with 150 rounds, plus 13,228 lb including R-27/R-73 AAMs, Kh-29T/Kh-31P/Kh-59M ASMs, bombs, rockets, drop tanks, and ECM pods carried on twelve external points