An-22 Colt Pic GalleryAt the time of its unveiling to the West in 1965, Antonov's An-22 was by far the largest aircraft in the world until the introduction of the U.S. C-5 Galaxy. Capable of transporting cargo from very basic airfields, it is a useful aircraft for moving heavy loads such as army tanks and missile batteries. The twin tailfins are an uncommon characteristic, but otherwise the An-22 has the classic configuration of military transports, with a high-set wing, a tail loading ramp, and multi-wheel landing gear. Only 66 An-22s were built and though the aircraft was surpassed in size by other transports, around 40 are still used by the Russian air forces.


Nation of Orgin: Russia
Manufacturer: Antonov
Type: Cargo
Number of Crew: 5+
Length: 57.8 m / 189ft 8in
Height: 12.53m / 59ft
Wingspan 64.4 m / 211ft 3in
Wing Area: 345m2
Empty Weight: 114 000kg / 255 738 lbs
Max t-o Weight: 250 000kg / 551 160 lbs
Engine: Four Kuznetsov NK-12 turboprops rated 15 000 hp each
Cruising Speed: 680 km/h / 420mph
Maximum Range: 10 950km / 6 835 miles
Ceiling: 10 000m / 32 800 ft