Su-24 Fencer Pic Gallery

Contractor: Sukhoi, Russia
Type: bomber (versions C, D, M), electronic warfare aircraft (version MR Fencer E), high speed reconnaisance aircraft (version MR Fencer F)
Crew: 1 pilot and 1 weapons systems officer side-by-side
Wing span: 17,50 m. (full spread), 10,50 (swept)
Length: 21,29 m.
Height: 6,00 m.
Powerplant: 2 NPO Saturn (Lyulka) AL-21F-3A turbojets each rated at 11.249 kg of thrust
Max take off weight: 41.000 kg
Armament: 1 30mm six-barrel cannon; 8000 kg warload on nine hardpoints: TN - 1000 and TN - 1200 nuclear weapons, Kh-23 Kerry, Kh-25 Karen, Kh-29 Kedge, AS-11 Kilter, AS-12 Kegler, AS-13 Kingbolt air to ground missiles
Max speed: Mach 2.18 at high level, Mach 1.20 at sea level
Service ceiling: 16500 m.
Max combat range: 644 km at low altitude, 1900 km at high altitude
Max range: 2600 km