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My name is Johan "Mr. Maverick" Sällman.
I've had a burning interest for military aviation ever since i was about seven years old. That's the reason for me doing this site, ofcause.
I live with my fater just outside of Landskrona, Sweden. In the spring of 2001, I graduated from High Scool, where I studied science-technology. After that, I worked as logistics coordinator at Tetra Pak Parts AB in Lund, Sweden.
Right now, I'm doing my military service as an armed-gurad-group-commander.

In the future, I'm thinking about either joining the Royal Swedish Air Force, to be fighter pilot, or spend some time in college, and become a commersial pilot. I had flightlessons for gliders during the summer of 2000, and I'm working on getting flight certificate. Byt that might take a while.



Wanna contact me??
E-mail: mil.aviations@lycos.com
ICQ#: 39939055
AOL: FlgtCaptMaverick