S-100 Argus Pic GalleryIn 1994 the first Saab 340 AEW & C was delivered and radar integration work was begun. The radar, an Ericsson Erieye, is designated PS-890 and uses an active array with 200 solid state modules. Range of the S-band, 3 GHz, side looking radar is 300 km and it utilizes adaptive side lobe suppression. The look angle on each side is about 160 degrees. One great advantage of having an electronically scanned antenna is that sectors of interest can scanned very frequently, while others are still monitored, and the same sector can be scanned in different modes at the same time. In 1995 it was decided that the Saab 340 AEW & C would be designated S 100B, to show it's different role from the transport TP 100 (TP = Transport, S = Spaning = Reconnaissance) and given the official name Argus. It is not used to carry controllers (although it's large enough to do so, should it be required) but can instead be considered an airborne radar integrated with the total air defence network. The Swedish air force has ordered six of these very capable aircraft, four of will be fitted with radar, two fitted for, but not with, radars to be used as tranports until a need for more airborne radars materialises.

Late in 1998 the Greek air force ordered four Erieye/Embraer RJ-145 systems from Ericsson Microwave Systems AB/Thomson-CSF. While waiting for deliveries the Greek air force gets to lease two Erieye/S 100B systems from the Swedish air force, starting in 2000. They are expected to be returned in early 2004, when Greece has taken delivery of three Erieye/RJ-145 systems. The aircraft will be modified compared to Swedish service. They will have two or three operator consoles onboard, NATO IFF, communications and datalinks to Greek standard (a ground based system to process the information is included) added. They will not have the Swedish-specific ECCM nor the cockpit display showing uplinked processed information from the ground stations. They will be owned by the Swedish air force, but operated by Greece and carry Greek national markings.

Nation of Orgin: Sweden
Manufacturer: SAAB Military Aviations
Span: 21.44 m
Lenght: 19.73 m
Height: 6.97 m
Max take off weight: 13155 kg
Engines: General Electric CT7-9B
Cruise speed: 528 km/h (285 kts)
Patrol speed: 160 knot
Patrol altitude: 6-7000 m
Max altitude: 7600 m
Endurance: 7 h