AlphaJet Pic GalleryThe AlphaJet is a French/German jet trainer and strike aircraft. That is, the French version is a trainer, and the German one is primarly a strike aircraft, replacing the Fiat G.91. The Alpha Jet is a twin-engined aircraft with a high-set, moderately swept wing. The Alpha Jet shows that an aircraft need not be a technological marvel to be an effective warplane. Simple, cheap and easy to maintain, the Alpha Jet is perfectly suited to lower intensity warfare. State-of-the-art ground attack and strike aircraft do not come cheap, and for many air forces the capabilities of the Tornado or the Strike Eagle would be wasted. However, there are much less expensive aircraft, often designed for different purposes, which are capable of undertaking ground attack missions in lower threat environments. The Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jet is a Franco-German advanced trainer which was designed to have a secondary attack role. Indeed, German Alpha Jets are flown almost exclusively as single-seat close-support, weapons trainer or battlefield reconnaissance aircraft. Weapons load and avionics do not match those of more advanced jets, but the Alpha Jet is maneuverable, easy to fly and simple to maintain. The Alpha Jet has been sold to a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The Alpha Jet 2 is a development of the training aircraft optimized for ground attack. It has an integrated weapon system (laser range finder, inertial navigation unit, Head-Up Display) allowing to fulfill either weapon system training missions or ground attack missions with a great accuracy.

The Alpha Jet ATS, fitted in particular with state-of-the-art controls and displays (glass cockpit), will allow to train the pilot for the use of navigation/attack systems of the latest and future fighters aircraft.

Type: Alpha Jet
Function: trainer / strike
Year: 1977
Wing Span: 9.11 m
Length: 13.23 m
Height: 4.33 m
Wing Area: 17.50 m2
Empty Weight: 3515 kg
Max.Weight: 8000 kg
Engines: 2 * 1350 kg SNECMA/Turbomeca Lazrac O4-C5
Speed: Mach 0.86
Ceiling: 15000 m
Range: 2780 km
Speed: Mach 0.86
Armament: one 27 mm cannon; 2500 kg on five hardpoints