Rafale Pic GalleryThe Rafale programme is composed of three versions of multi-purpose twin-engine combat aircraft : single-seater air version Rafale C, two-seater air version Rafale B and single-seater navy version Rafale M. These three versions are fitted with the same engine, the same navigation and attack system, the aircraft management system and the flight control system. They are all able to perform all types of missions from ground attack to air superiority. The Rafale's logistic support system is based on the integrated logistic support concept.

The Rafale is designed to meet the following requirements:

Stealth characteristics,
Interoperability with NATO air forces,
Optimization of man-machine interface,
Global control of development and operating costs.

Directly derived from the slightly smaller Rafale A demonstrator, the three versions of the Rafale retain all those qualities which have today been proven in flight : 750 kt, 9 g/-3.6 g, 32° maximum angle of attack, 115 kt approach speed, take off and landing in less than 400 meters.

These qualities and performances stem from the "delta-canard" aerodynamic concept combining a delta wing and an active foreplane judiciously located in relation to the wing so as to optimize aerodynamic efficiency and stability control without impeding the pilot's visibility.

Moreover, shapes and materials have been continuously selected to minimized the aircraft observability to both electro-magnetic and infra-red sensors.

The Rafale retained definition choices as a whole give the aircraft an outstanding maneuverability.

Nation of orgin: France
Manufactured by: Dassault Aviation, France.
Type: multi role fighter
Power plants: two SNECMA M88-3 turbofans , 19,555lb with afterburning
Max speed: Mach 2 (2 125 km/h)
Combat radius at low level with 6600lb warload: 1100km (590nm)
Air to Air combat radius: 1850km (1000nm).
Weights: 9060kg (19,975lb)
Max takeoff weight: 21,500kg(47,400lb)
Wingspan: 35ft 9in (10,9 m)
Length: 50ft 3in (15,3 m)
Height: 17ft 6in (5,34 m)
Wing area: 495.1 sq.ft.
Armament: one 30mm GIAT DEFA 791B cannon; up to 6 000 kg storage on six underwing, two wingtip, two centreline and four underfuslage hardpoints carrying Matra Mica AAM's, AM 39 Exocet missiles, ASMP nuclear missiles, laser guided bombs, iron bombs, AS 30L ASM's and Apache dispensers with anti-amour or anti-runway munitions.
Operaters: France