Mirage 2000-5 Pic GalleryFrance announced in 1992 that it would offer Dassault Mirage 2000-5 fighters to the ROC. The number of aircraft considered was rumored to be 120, but the deal was finalized as 60 (48 single-seat 2000-5Ei and 12 two-seat 2000-5Di) aircraft on November 17 of the same year. This marks the first ROCAF purchase of French fighters since the arrival 24 Dewoitine D.510C piston-engine monoplanes in 1937.

The Mirage 2000-5 is equipped with a Thomson-CSF RDY multi-mode radar capable of detecting 24 air targets, tracking 8, and attacking 4 of them simultaneously at a range of 50 km. Its data processing capability is claimed to be 3 times that of the APG-70. The ICMS 2000, also by Thomson-CSF, integrates early warning, jamming, and flare/chaff launch functionalities in an electronic warfare system built right into the airframe. The cockpit incorporates a HUD/HLD, two lateral displays, and observance of HOTAS for actions needed in air combat. Reportedly, Dassault made some customer-specified changes for the ROCAF, but none of these had been known in detail.

ROCAF also obtained 960 MICA and 480 Magic II AAMs from Matra. The former provides the Mirage with the BVR capability needed for its role as front-line interceptor. A number of centerline twin gun pods with DEFA 554 cannons were also acquired and fitted on the two-seaters, as they do not have an internal gun armament. Other support equipment, such as auxiliary fuel tanks, helmets, and G-suits, have also been procured.

The first batch of five Mirages arrived on May 6, 1997. These aircraft and all succeeding deliveries were shipped to Hwalien Harbor from France, towed to the nearby airbase, and unpacked before being flown to their home base at Hsinchu. The first unit to receive the type, 41st Squadron of 2nd TFW, was declared operational on December 1, 1997. Aircraft delivery and the conversion of two more squadrons (42nd and 48th) are still in progress, but is expected to complete soon as aircraft bearing the last serial numbers have already been spotted in Taiwan.

On May 8, 1998, a two-seat Di fired one MICA missile and successfully hit a target drone 67 km away. It was the first launch of the said missile outside France.

All Mirage 2000-5 will be assigned to the 2nd TFW at Hsinchu AB. The first batch of the Mirage 2000-5 was shipped to Hualien in May 1997. They were then flown to Hsinchu.