The Mitsubishi F1 attack aircraft, which is similar in configuration to the Jaguar, is the combat version of the T-2 trainer. The rear cockpit of the T-2 is faired over with the space used for additional fuel. Other modifications include the addition of two wing pylons and a fuselage pylon, and the 20mm Vulcan cannon of the T-2A armament trainer along with combat avionics. The F-1 is a capable attack aircraft though with relatively short range, and can be used in interception missions carrying the AIM-9 missile. A total of 77 aircraft were built.


Nation of Orgin: Japan
Constructor: Mitsubishi
Type: Multi-role fighter
Crew: 1
Length: 58ft 7in (17.86m)
Height: 14ft 7in (4.49m)
Wing Span: 25ft 10in (7.87m)
Wing Area: 227.9sq ft (21.7sq m)
Max Loaded Weight: 30,200lb (13,700kg)
Engines: two Ishikawajima-Harime TF40-801A rated 7,140lb (3,238kg) each
Max Speed: 1,056mph (1,700km/h)
Ceiling 15250m
Range: 1,400nm (2,252km)
Armament Cannon: ine 20mm JM-61 cannon; 6000lb (2722kg) on five hardpoints including Type 80 ASM, Mk82 500lb bombs, M117 750lb bombs, LAU-69 rocket pods, AAM-1, AIM-9L